Mr. DJ’s Top 10 New Song Favourites!

A diverse collection of music that I've been enjoying of late!

Ranked from 10 at the top of the page down to my very favourite down at the bottom.

Psycho - Rozzi Crane

Rozzi Crane is signed under Adam Levine's label and has a couple of decent songs. I like the pop/electronic combination used in this song. It's not earth shattering, but enough to get my pick for pop.

Love Like Mine (Feat. Cleopold) - Miami Horror

Great 80's vibe. This song brings a catchy synth drum to the forefront that'll keep you grooving till it's over. Came out in 2015, but not well known. Pump it while your driving!

Inch (Feat. Fateh) - Zora Randawa and Dr. Zeus

I heard this song in a Dosa restaurant in Surrey. Great food, and the tune took me by surprise! Wait till the 60 second mark for the hook. I enjoyed the beat immensely, and though I couldn't understand the words the rapping has great style. Bit of a delay in the video...

Ice to Never - The Black Queen

Another brand new 80's flavoured tune! Great mood that is captured in the gritty 80's neon infused video. The drumming is what seems to draw me to this style. If you like Depeche Mode...

Room in Here - Anderson Paak

Brand new LP from a rising artist. This rap album is incredible and pushes a diverse range of styles and experimental sounds that I found both unique and refreshing. This song is one of my favourites on the album. Check it out!

Trip Switch - Nothing But Thieves

Probably the most recognizable song on the list. The heavy rhythm and catchy hook just gets lodged in my head and doesn't bother me a bit! I love how he sings "down, down, down" with an ascending melody. Not something done often in pop music!

Beat of my Drum - Powers

Feel good song! I love cranking this tune and busting out some moves. The Los Angeles duo put this song out last year and has been in the corporate music industry for a while now. Looking forward to seeing some more from them!

Satisfy Me - Anderson East

So much soul and power in this song. I love the guys voice, the trumpets, and the rhythm. If you like soul, gospel, rhythm and blues, you'll love this one!

Hey, No Pressure - Ray LaMontagne

The crunchy guitar riffs that scream through this punchy track reminds me of my old love for Pink Floyd. Great tune and makes me want to grab my guitar and wail a few bars out!

I Ain't Over You - Sneaky Sound System

At number 1! I love this band. This song is brand new and will be a huge hit (in Australia at least). I love other songs like U.F.O., You're Hot, and the Johnny POW! remix of Friends. You're welcome!

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