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Pass on the good news!
Receive an additional $25 off of your booking if you can get your friend(s) to book with us!
Promotional Guarantee!
Rest assured that when you first contact us your promotion will be honoured. Even if you book after the promotion ends!
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Pass on the good news!

Pass on the good news! 

 Connect us with your friend and you will receive a $25 discount on your booking.  Combines with all other offers.  Offer only valid if friend successfully books with us prior to full payment made.  Multiple successful bookings will result in multiple $25 discounts!  Friend must state you provided the recommendation upon first contact.  Promotion is void if a first contact is made prior to recommendation. 

Promotion Guarantee

Promotion Guarantee!

Reference of promotion during first contact with Mr.&Mrs.DJ Services by any means (phone, online, etc) during the promotion will ensure that the promotion will be honoured during the official contract and booking process, even if the official contract and booking process falls outside of a promotional time frame.  Promotions will be honoured to their limitations.  Mr.&Mrs.DJ Services reserve the right to clarify limitations further if so required.

Upcoming Promotions

Upcoming Promotions!

Make sure you keep checking for new promotions throughout the year! We want to ensure our clients are getting the best deals possible.


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