Russell Van Essen

Who I Am!

I am an 80's baby, born and raised in metro Vancouver.  I spent my childhood in Ladner going to school, playing street hockey, guitar, and video games.

As I grew older I took the music with me and played in a few bands but found that being a carpenter and living the rest of my life didn't allow for that sort of commitment anymore.  I studied hard, got my carpentry ticket, and started working hard in the construction industry.  I've since broadened my studies at BCIT and am now in a Superintendent position with a large commercial construction company.

"To me, a good night is full of great tunes and fun dancing."

Tara came into my life in 2012 and brought music back to the forefront for me.  While I never gave up playing, dancing, and singing; she put more purpose and passion back into it!  Together we have played and made music since the very beginning!

My Skills

  • Guitar (20 years and counting)

  • Bass Guitar (10 years)

  • Harmonica (10 years)

  • Roadie and tech setup

  • DJ mixing

  • Karaoke

  • Song Writing

  • Public Speaking

  • Dancing (no particular style really)

Tara's Story

The story of my loving wife

Mr.&Mrs.DJ's Vision

The mission statement and goals of Mr.&Mrs.DJ Services.