Our Vision

Mission Statement

Great music. Exceptional service. Amazing experience.

Great Music.

We want to collect and create the best music catalog possible.  We strive to bring tailor-made playlists for each event we host backed by our well-organized library that caters to all genres and generations.  We work on our playlists and music collection daily; constantly seeking new songs and updating our library to maintain optimum efficiency and play-ability.

Exceptional Service.

Our service starts well before your event date.  We work hard to make you comfortable with the sound, music, and setup from day 1.  Our consultations with you are friendly and informed; asking the right questions and helping you get exactly what you want!  We provide a professional setup and knowledgeable tech support to keep your event running without a hitch from start to finish.

Amazing Experience.

We believe that people should be able to leave their problems, insecurities, and their weekday worries at the coat rack for a moment or two.  We provide a safe and inviting space for this with our music, lighting, and dance.  If you're uncomfortable on the dance floor, we'll help you out!  We'll get your songs blasting on the speakers with smooth seamless transitions and get into the dancing ourselves.  We strive to inspire and encourage people to let out their inner fun on the floor with inclusive dancing and setting the party atmosphere!

Tara's Story

Learn how Tara has shaped the musical lives of everyone around her.

Russell's Story

Russ has played music and loved music since a young age.